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Why is magnesium important for a healthy body?

Magnesium is one of the key minerals which is required extensively in order to ensure proper functioning of the human body. It is generally found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and also legumes. It plays an important role in maintaining human health. Although it doesn’t get much importance like sodium and calcium but this mineral holds an important position in the chart of healthy vitamins and minerals. For more than 300 chemical reactions to happen in human body, magnesium is required.

Indian foods contain a good amount of magnesium because of which Indian diets are appreciated well for the richness in this mineral. Though American diet foods contain less amount of magnesium. People who do not involve magnesium rich foods in their diet should actively consume magnesium rich supplements in order to maintain an equal balance in the body.

Green leafy vegetables are the most nutritious and the most important food required for the healthy human body. Unfortunately, lack of magnesium can lead to several chronic diseases which can worsen the human health. About 50%-60% of person’s magnesium is stored in the bone which contributes maximum to the proper metabolism of human body. Deficiency of this mineral can even lead to bone diseases and also bone loss.

When the magnesium intake is too low, the parathyroid hormone goes down which apparently leads to decreased absorption of calcium in the intestines and ultimately leads to increased loss of calcium and magnesium in the urine. This can lead to several dangerous health issues. Low magnesium diets should be considered well enough and the intake of magnesium should be increased daily.

The other benefits included in the consumption of magnesium rich foods is that it leads to increase in energy production in the body. To take on the day with good mood, it is necessary that we have enough energy throughout the day. For energy production in our body many chemical reactions take place within. For the energy production, magnesium plays the biggest role. These important reactions won’t take place inside our body unless and until magnesium is present. Low levels of energy production can lead to increased fatigue and bad moods.

Blood sugar control is maintained with the help of adequate amount of magnesium inside our body. Over 100 enzymes are responsible for the control of blood sugar and magnesium is the co-factor in this process. The blood sugar level can worsen with low magnesium levels in human body. Along with it, this highly efficient mineral even helps in controlling inflammation and also creates the nervous system balance. Magnesium plays a prominent role in the activity of our brain membrane receptors. Less magnesium in body can even lead to conditions like anxiety and depression.


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