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Which alcohol is good for cold and cough.

Nothing is bad if it is done within a certain limit and the same goes with alcohol. Consuming alcohol is not dangerous but over drinking might lead you to various troubles. Alcohol comes in various forms and are beneficial in various forms too. In fact, alcohol is used in medicines as they can heal the wounds like a disinfectant, antiseptic and antidote. Benefits of alcohol includes decreasing the chances of surviving a heart disease, reduces the risk of diabetes, it can extend your life period.

Alcohol’s comes with many more benefits that you aren’t aware of. This blog will help you to gain knowledge about the best alcoholic drinks that you can consume if you are suffering from severe cough and cold. Have a look at the top-rated alcoholic drinks for cough and cold-


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Jagermeister, a dark brown colour drink containing 35% of alcohol volume was introduced in the year 1935. Initially was used only for medical reasons as it is made up of 56 kinds of spices and herbs claiming to be beneficially for health especially as an digest-if and an ideal cure for sore throat, cold and cough and continues to do the same. It is also one of the most expensive drinks available at the bar counters.


Which alcohol is good for cold and cough? Rum is one of them. The warmth of rum can make you feel better in instants. Boil a glass of water, pour 30ml of rum in the glass of hot water, teaspoon of honey and squeeze lemon. It will cure your sore throat, cough and cold instantly to a great extent.


Vodka, originated in Polland and Russia is one of the most low-calorie drinks available. A shot of tequila will make your nose run faster as well as your eyes will start watering after the consumption of vodka which is a good sign. Pain of constant cough and a running nose is unbearable; Hence vodka is one of those options which can cure your cough and cold faster.


Sangria, a Spain originated beverage is a blend of red wine and chopped fruits. The consumption of sangria heats up your body that prevents the sickness feeling and as we know fruits are a great choice for indulging vitamins into the body, it makes the immune system stronger which can cure your cough and cold effectively.

To conclude, this blog is written to spread a piece of information about which alcohol is good for cold and cough. Thank you for reading.


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