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Top International Calling Apps Available For Free

If you are a supporter of net neutrality then you must be aware of the fact that we can make free international calls with the help of an international calling apps freeMobile network carriers or Telecom companies charge hefty tariff rates for making international calls and sadly they are not included in the standard plans. You have purchase add-ons to avail those services and that includes taxes too.

Now, moving on to that we have seen how apps are making an impact on our lives as they let us send text messages, images, videos and, video calls via the internet. Most of the apps today are required to be registered using your mobile phone number and email with the exception of a few apps. In this article, we are going to list out the top international calling apps free.

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  • WhatsApp

The number one app to be included in this list of apps for making a free international call is WhatsApp its rising popularity with more than a billion downloads from Andriod’s and Apple App Store is a proof of it. It enables users to send audio clips, video clips, and images and most of the files that are available today. You can also make calls from your account to other accounts even if it is an international number. It gives the option to make video calls too.

  • Skype

Skype is another top international calling apps free and it is rather considered as a business app because it professionals use for conducting seminars, meetings, and classes. It is one of the best apps that is ever made by Microsoft. It allows users to make video calls, voice calls and recently developers have allowed users to share files too. It is free to sign up.

  • WeChat

WeChat was extensively used by the Chinese and now it is the second most popular international calling apps freeThe company has fired all the shots to make it occupy this stop and the credit goes to the developers. It allows users to send files, make voice and video calls. Overall it is an interesting app with lots of functions such as money transfer and money request.

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  • Viber

Viber is the last app on the list of our list of international calling apps freeIt allows users to make voice calls, send files like photos and videos.  However, remember that you can also make direct calls on the mobile number and landline numbers using this app.

We hope the above article has given you enough information on the topic we have discussed and we wish to see you soon again with more interesting articles in the future. If you have anything to share with us then make sure you comment down below.

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