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iPower: A Trustworthy Hosting Partner for Veteran Web Masters

iPower is one of the commonly used hosting service providers and the best companion for webmasters and starters. As of now, the company is crowned to have around million websites in its bucket. It is popular for being one of the most inexpensive shared hosting companies in the industry.

If we survey the last 12 months of its operation, the results are quite healthy. The data and statistics gathered show something that its customers and company would be bragging for. Most of the surveys are made by legitimate surveying authorities and the results also help the hosting service providers to improve their performance. As a result, there are many such places where iPower has seen the areas of improvement and tried its level best to evolve and present its best services to its fan base.

The best part about the features of the iPower is the uptime that has magnetized maximum attention from across the customer base. The uptime is really amazing.

An Insight into iPower Security 

iPOWER - innovation and research in intelligent power

iPower security options are some of the best that you must look in to considering that lack of security can affect the performance of your site to a high degree. The security options have some of the best of tools that can add to the security features for the rarest and common risks associated with websites.

Popular spams like Spam Hammer, Spam Assasins, and Spam Experts are conveniently combated by its security components. They even support components, which protects your site from DDoS threats. This can help you gain unbelievable volume of traffic to your website.

It also has enormous hot link protection system that helps you to protect your content and images from people stealing it. SSH access for secure web sessions and the feature of IP address blocking elements can prevent from problematic individuals.

Site migration is a cake walk and a wonderful experience. It is very easy for you to move from one site to another. So, navigating to iPower is a matter of ease – not at all a tension.

Easy Migration

The migration is easy and also one of the best processes that offer plain-sailing ways to get it done. iPower is now a mature player; most of the common issues are addressed by it. It has a solution for every issue. 

iPower can be recommended as one of the ideal web hosting service providers for veteran web masters and can be relied up on as a reliable hosting provider.


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