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How to get abs in 30 days?

Getting in shape is a no where an easy task. Gaining weight is quite easy but reducing it at the same time is something that everybody cant really do. And so, in this article we will be discussing about how to get abs in 30 days which has been going around the corners from quite some time, consciously or subconsciously people have started taking care of their health to win this challenge. Continue reading to know more about it.

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Here’s a list of diet and nutrition plan which can help you achieve the goal


Irrespective of what diet you are following, water plays a major role in your fitness. Water has the ability to do magic to your body as it has the potential to extract the toxic substances from your body and can regulate the body temperature. Drinking 2 litres of water in a day is mandatory. Ensure adding more of fluids to your diet plan or fruits and vegetables which have high water content such has watermelon, oranges, strawberries.


When it comes to losing weight and getting in shape within a particular time, then you cannot afford eating more number of times, But however, you will be needing more energy to function and so its best to include fibre in your food as they will give you strength and would also fill your stomach at the earliest and in this way you can cut down on eating excessive food and would also keep your digestive system healthy. It also keeps you away from diseases like diabetes, bowel cancer and various kinds of heart diseases. Oats, carrot, pea, potato are rich fibre containing food.


Fat is biggest barrier between you and your body getting back in shape. High amount of Fat will never let you get in shape irrespective of how many diets and workouts you do. If you do not stop yourself from consuming high calorie food then there’s nothing that could be done. However, burning fat is the most crucial thing to do.  So, instead of prevention start taking precautions. Prefer low calorie food that are stomach filling too to grab more amount of energy. Low Calorie food includes Greek Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Oats.


With plenty of advantages, diet does have certain disadvantages that cannot be neglected. While following a strict diet, the probabilities are high that you might end up straining and weakening your muscles and bones. And therefore, taking precautions for the same is essential. In order to not let your muscles go weak, ensure including food that are high in protein in your daily meal. For instance have eggs, lean meat, chickpeas and lentils which makes sure that you won’t lose out your muscles.

And for better and faster results, stop yourself from having packaged foods like chips, chocolate bars, no frozen food, no street food, avoid drinking alcohol, intake less sugar.

If you are really serious about winning this 30 day challenge for abs then eat healthy, stay healthy, feel healthy.

Thank you for reading.


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