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HostPapa – The Papa of all WebHosts or Not!

Host Papa is a Canadian based web hosting company that entered the hosting market in the year 2002, and they have started offering to host web service in the year 2005, with the first registered domain. Jamie Opalchuk has been officially founded in the year 2006. This Canadian based company provides hosting services like Shared resellers, and also virtual private server (VPS) hosting. This web hosting service provider has been successful operates in different companies like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Spain. More than 180,000 websites have been hosted from Host Papa in the year 2016.

Host papa mostly focuses one the best hosting service for small and medium Canadian business company. They are not offering this at a low price, but also, they have been providing advance services like Email, G suits, Microsoft Office 365, Sidelock, and many more.

Hots papa is one of the very few independently owned companies, which is ICANN certifies domain registrars. Now, what does it means, you can have some of the top-level domains in the market which include one area free with hosting accounts. 

As we have reviewed, it and found that uptime and speed of Host Papa have performed well with the average uptime of 99.9% and also 450ms of load time.

Host Papa has claimed that they are the best one of the best service providers for small businesses. We list all the pros and cons of this web hosting service provider, which will help you out to select the best for you.

Why choose Host Papa 

Although it’s head Quarter in Ontario, Canada, we have found that customer support is all over the world. With the many different GTLD across the globe. One key point for Canadians is that Host Papa charges are both USD and CAD.

The most general thing which we look after it when going for hosting is:

WordPress Tutorial Series - Part 3 - By HostPapa Web Hosting - YouTube

  • Price 
  • User Friendly 
  • Customer Service 
  • Performance and load Time 
  • Free domain transfer
  • Money-back Guarantee 
  • Website builder
  • Availability Additional Service

If you ask my review on all this factor, then my score would be positive as they provide some excellent services. 

Host papa holds the record of hosting more than 200,000 websites and many more, and they also have a certificate of powered with green technology.

Below we have mentioned pro and cons host papa


  • Speed 

As we have researched and found that most of the existing users of Host papa have better speed performance while it has been following the simple rule of faster your websites load, the better. It has been reported that people that it has been failed to load under 2 seconds. Host papa makes sure that your website is fast enough to load under 2 seconds for and standard time. They have the latest speed technology to make sure your websites load faster. 

  • Solid State Drives: the files and the database will be stored in SSD had driven, which is way faster than HDD 
  • Faster Server: when someone clicks on your websites, the database server makes sure to deliver the result within 50 times quicker.
  • Content Delivery Network: Its come with a CDN powered by Cloud Flare, to your content and deliver faster to side visitor.

  • Security Features 

Security Is one of the most important parts of websites when it comes to hosting and host papa provide it better. It is covered by all kinds of latest security patches and certificates which have been required by many of the standard cybersecurity measures. 

These following security features have been provided by the Host Papa server. 

  • Climate and temperature control
  • Raised Floor
  • Fault protection 
  • Fire- Suppression System 
  • Diesel Backup Generators 

They also offer higher package like Free SSL certificates, dedicated AP address for each website, Automatic updates 

  • Uptime 

Host papa gives you a 100 % fantastic uptime guarantee. In the research, it has been found that this best service has been providing by many big companies, and host papa is better than many other companies in the market. So, this feature of perfect uptime will be pretty beneficial for e-commerce and business website. And if with 30 days from the day of hosting, if you are dissatisfied, then you can get your full refund.

  • Pricing 

Well, pricing is something that always makes a difference, and host papa is signed as positive in it. The company has built its brand name by starting with an “all in one “package. This package has been able to catch significant attention among the various companies. The starting package Of WP is 3.95 $ a month, while the business pro model is up to 12. 95$ a month, and you can assume that web hosting for WordPress.


Despite the numerous pros which we have discussed above, Host Papa does also have cons too. While it does not mean that there could be a better hosting option out there. some of the cons are

  • Sometimes the chat support agent bit be slow at peak time
  • The pricing option might be misleading for a few people.

The cons which we have mentioned may be fixed by the owner of the website easily. Others who dint have an idea about my face slide difficulties. 

So with all the information put above, the people need to compare with any other hosting service provider available on the market. Hostpapa is one of the largest service independently owned hosting. If you want to take my suggestion if you were thinking of having a hosting, then you should go for it. 

Thank you.


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