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Hostgator Latest Review : Pros and Cons, Hosting Plans and Its Pricing

After being in business for about two decades, HostGator has established itself as one of the leading web hosting providers in this era. 

They are not just the leading but also one of the most reliable and popular web hosts around the world. The reason behind that is their impeccable service and customer-friendly prices.   

Pros & Cons of HostGator:

HostGator might be the leading and most popular web host out there but even the best also has some disadvantages. Well, here are a few pros and cons of HostGator.

Pros Cons
Free site transfer and one-click CMS installation Slightly priced plans
Top-notch uptime and service Limited features
Unlimited everything

In the month of October 2002, a student by the name of Brent Oxley founded HostGator and within its first four years, the web host had already registered around 2,00,000 registered domains and after which there was no looking. Like every other company they too had quite a lot of challenges like bad performances, low uptime, etc. But over the years, these issues were addressed properly and slowly they rose to be one of the biggest names in web hosting. 

Pricing Base plan is available at 2.75/mo.
Support 24/7 live chat, Email, Phone
Features Unlimited bandwidth, Email marketing software, SSL certificate
Hosting Plans VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, Shared, WordPress
Ranking #2 among the top 12 web hosts


HostGator promises an uptime of 99.90% and unlike most web hosts they do provide what they promise as well. In fact, they have a clause in place which says that if they fail to provide 99.90% uptime in a month then they would provide the user with one of credit in their account. 


Shared Hosting Plans:

Hatchling Plan:

This plan will provide you free SSL certificates, free single domains, free cPanel, free WordPress and unmetered bandwidth and this one-click WordPress installation is also available. Check the price of the plan below. 

Baby Plan:

This one comes with all the benefits that are available with the hatchling plan but instead of a single domain, you will receive the unlimited domain. Check the price of the plan below.

Business Plan:

This the best plan that is available with HostGator. Well, this plan comes with a lot of benefits. All the benefits that are available with the baby plan are available in this plan. Along with those you will also receive free SEO tools and free dedicated IP and finally, your SSL will be upgraded to a positive SSL. 

VPS Hosting:

So, if you are looking for VPS hosting then there are quite a few plans available with HostGator. Basically, there are three VPS plans available with HostGator. Snappy 2000 comes with 120GB disk space, 2 core CPU and 1.5 bandwidth and 2GB RAM. Moving on from that, the Snappy, 4000, comes with 2TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM and 165DB hard disk. And finally, the Snappy 8000 will provide you with 240GB disk space, 8GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, and 3TB bandwidth. 

Cloud Hosting:

Hatchling Cloud:

It provides you with unmetered bandwidth and storage space. Along with that, it allows you site, which also comes with 2 cores and 2GB memory. 

Baby Cloud:

Unlike the hatchling plan, this one provides you with unlimited sites, unmetered storage space, and bandwidth. And along with that, it will also come with 4GB memory and 4 Cores. 

Business Cloud: 

This one comes with unlimited everything. Unlimited allowed sites, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and along with these, it also provides you with 6 Cores and 6GB memory. 


HostGator comes with a lot of important features, and that is the reason why their plans are slightly high priced than other normal plans. 

What most people are not aware is of the fact that HostGator has both VPS and dedicated servers and that not all, you will also get a site builder that will help you to install WordPress and Joomla with just a single click. You will also receive a control panel from cPanel, which is said to be the best because of its user-friendliness. 

Most users are quite concerned about bandwidth. Well, if you are one of those then you can rest assured that there won’t be any extra charges as HostGator provides unlimited bandwidth. But the benefits provided by HostGator don’t end there as they provide private SSLs, private IPs, unlimited disk space and lots of other features too. Apart from al these, a wide range of applications is also available with HostGator. 




Prices ($ per month*)

Shared Plan Hatchling 2.75
Baby 3.95
Business 5.95
VPS Snappy 2000 29.95
Snappy 4000 39.95
Snappy 8000 49.95
Cloud Hatchling 4.95
Baby 6.57
Business 9.95


HostGator does have some disadvantages but who doesn’t. Every other web host provider out there is flawed in some way. But unlike HostGator, they are not able to provide services at that level. 

Plans available with HostGator might be a bit overpriced but the benefits that come along with all these are worth it. If you were to take my suggestion, then I would ask you to go for it as there are not web host who will provide you with such kind of benefits at these rates. 

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