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Home remedies for fever toddler

Babies are very small and sensitive, and in these few years babies get ill really fast because of the polluted air and many other reasons. The common disease that a baby can experience are cough, cold, fever and many other diseases but the most common among them is fever. Kids can easily catch fever as they are always out to play and can consume any junk food. So, you should be aware of how to treat a fever at home himself without any medicine as it very important to know in emergencies specially for kids. So, here are some home remedies for fever toddler and to lower their temperature.

The best home remedies for fever toddler and kids are:

Damp wash cloth

If the kid has high temperature, then the best way to reduce the temperature is by placing a cool and chilled damp wash cloth on the child’s forehead which he is resting or sleeping. Also make sure to change the cloth continuously so it can five faster results.

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Lukewarm bath

The kids should have a lukewarm bath as the water may reduce the temperature of the kid. If the kid does not wish to take a bath, then you give them a sponge bath with lukewarm water. Make sure to not use cold water as they might feel to cold and it can raise their temperature.

Their clothing

Too much layer of clothing has to be avoided as too much of clothing can increase their temperature. Make sure you make them wear light and free clothes so that they feel free. Also make sure you avoid too many layers of blanket.

Fluid and chilled food

Make sure your kid consumes more of liquid or fluid food as it will keep the body cool from inside by lowering the temperature of the kid’s body. it will also help your kid to be hydrated and will change the taste of mouth.

So, these were some home remedies for fever toddler and kids are will surely work to low the temperature of the body and get rid of fever. Fever is not that dangerous but still can’t be avoided as if the temperature rises it’s not good. Also make sure to consult a doctor if the temperature to too high or its not coming down. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. For any further quires you can feel free to contact us by filling up the contact form. Keep reading to know more on such blogs on health and fitness.

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