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High cholesterol foods that you must avoid eating today!

Cholesterol is one of the biggest threats to our health which must be controlled if excessive. However, a decent amount of cholesterol is good for the body which is produced by the liver and helps in overall functioning of the body. When we consider heart health, cholesterol isn’t a good name. When the levels of cholesterol increase in our body, it can affect our heart which can even lead to unfortunate incidents like massive heart attack or cardiac arrest. High cholesterol is one of the most common conditions in the modern world which is mainly because of the unhealthy food habits.

Foods with high levels of saturated fats and trans fats encourages the liver to produce more and more amount of cholesterol than our body actually needs. The abnormal high levels of cholesterol have severe effects on our body which also leads to organ failures. When the amount of cholesterol increases the required amount, it is termed as blood cholesterol which needs to be treated as soon as possible. When the blood cholesterol level increases in the body, it can even lead to the person’s death.

A good amount of cholesterol in our body is important too. Lack of cholesterol in our body may lead to formation of plaque in the artery walls which may even extend to your heart and brain cells and can increase the risk of heart attacks. So high amount of cholesterol and low amount of cholesterol are equally dangerous conditions. Balanced amount of cholesterol is the major requirement here. The common symptoms of high levels of cholesterol in the body are diabetes, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and hypertension.


Seafood is good for health but there are some types of seafood which can increase the level of cholesterol in our body. Shrimp is one of the highest cholesterol foods which must be avoided by those who are battling against high cholesterol. It increases both the HDL cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol which isn’t good for body.


It is the most saturated dairy fat which we consume almost every day. It consists high amount of fatty acids. The consumption of butter must be moderate and should be consumed ideally. Nut butter or olive oil and walnut oil can be the best replacements for butter in your morning toast.

Poultry/ Meat

Meat is the richest source of protein but it consists of high amount of saturated fats which isn’t good for a high cholesterol patient. Saturated fats are responsible for leveling up of cholesterol in our body. It is necessary to cut excessive amounts of meats and white fat which are like liver, beef, steak, pork, hot dogs and processed meats. Occasional consumption of meat is advisable and always take your dietician’s advice before making changes in your diet.


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