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Now for a while Health News For Today  News everywhere news is Corona Virus.

What is the corona virus, then?

Well, it’s a whole family of viruses, SARS which hit Hong Kong for the first time in 2002 was an outbreak caused by a form of corona. The truth is that the common cold is indeed a member of the corona virus population. This virus is a brand new strain found for the first time in 2019 in Wuhan, China. If you contract the corona virus the illness you receive is called COVID-19. The health authorities have not yet understood what they were looking at for a long time. They now believe that it was an livestock infection that transgressed into humans, possibly a live animal business.We already know that the duration of incubation between the person getting exposed and the moment he begins displaying such signs may be as long as 14 days.  That is a bad problem because we will have individuals wandering around sick and not really realizing that they are transmitting disease to anyone. This is why we have lock downs around the globe.

The concern now is that we see this epidemic reaching out from China into European countries and not yet quitting the US global powerhouse. Currently what occurs for COVID-19 cases. Yeah, it’s a respiratory illness that sounds like coughing, fatigue, headache that oxygen lack. As for many respiratory disorders, it occurs to people like sneezing or coughing.

  • It can also last a long time on rough surfaces.
  • It’s not a complete mortality infection.
  • It may have slight symptoms at times, and often no symptoms at all.

For others, it may feel like a really poor cold, which might contribute to pneumonia in extreme situations. Any patients can be admitted into hospital and placed on respirators.

Who is at danger, then?

Immunol compromised men, the disabled, persons with respiratory disorders or patients with chronic illnesses. Actually our world doesn’t have vaccination.

Scientists require time to create the vaccine, because this is a different type of virus. The vaccine must go through a number of testing and studies to ensure its secure and reliable.

As India reaches lock down 2.0, according to the Ministry of Health, COVID-19’s doubling rates have shrunk with lock down implementation.

So, one thing you should do to shield yourself from corona virus is remain at home and obey protective precautions such as using a mask if you go out, constantly washing your hands with soap or using sanitizers. When it’s just really necessary you can go out.



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