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Best teaching apps for teachers

Thanks to the technology that teachers are able to teach their students with the help of teaching apps in these tough times due to coronavirus pandemics. These apps are available for android as well as iOS platform so anyone can install and use it. There are many people at a time who can join the call and start learning. It is a great way to be connected with being at home and teachers can easily guide their students on what to study, how to study and help with their lectures. Let us check out some best teaching apps for teachers.

  1. Zoom:

In no time this app has become so successful which is used by office people, students and simply by people who are at home. It is a cloud video conferencing app to which hundreds of people can join at a time. With the help of this app, teachers can share the lectures, notes, lessons, assignments, can have face to face discussion about the students queries and communicate directly with one person and within the group and all this can be done at one platform only.

  1. Kahoot:

There is a time when students get bored of learning for a long time. At that time teachers know how to convert a boring class into a fun class. But all the teachers are not able to do that. In that situation Kahoot app is very helpful in creating games which can be quite fun and educational as well. All you need to do is just enter the prepared questions and their answers on the site so that a playable game can be created like a quiz. This is a very interesting part of the app.

  1. Seesaw:

It is one of the best teaching apps which is like a student portfolio app. Using this app, parents can have a tracker of their child’s progress. Children can store and share their best work with their parents. Also the teachers can have a record of the student’s progress and details about the drong areas and weak areas to work on it. These details can be shared with the parents during parent teacher meetings for the improvement of the children.

  1. Google classroom:

It is the best G suite app on which the assignments can be distributed by the teachers and later they can give the grades as well on this app. Teachers can save their data related to notes and lectures in the Google drive and can easily interact with their students on Google classroom.

So these are some best teaching apps for teachers to teach the stuidents on the online platform.


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