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Best Green Tea For Weight Loss India

Weight is a very serious issue in most of the Indians of our society, we all have heard in many news articles, TV ads and many more about green tea and its benefits. It is well said that Green Tea has several health benefits for skin, hair body and many more. A cup of green tea contains more antioxidants than normal milk tea and doesn’t have any side effects. Drinking green tea twice a day will help you burn your extra fat from your tummy and make you more slim and trim. If you are in search of Best Green Tea For Weight Loss India then this article will help you find the best ones for you. To know more check out the below:

  • Lipton Green Tea:

One of the most popular brands of green tea in India, the Lipton Green Tea will be the best pick for you if you are a beginner. You will find a variety of flavours of this brand in the market so if you are a beginner then the natural green tea will give you a lot of benefits for your health. Apart from the normal flavours, you can also try out the lemon, honey and ginger as well which has zero calories and helps to burn fat and reduce weight as well. With all the best benefits of green tea, the Lipton Green tea has antioxidants which help in clearing your skin apart from weight loss as well.

  • Tetley Green Tea:

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Yet another well known Best Green Tea For Weight Loss India the Tetley green tea comes with some amazing and different flavours that come in different packages. Some of the best flavours of Tetley green tea include mint, ginger and lemon which gives awesome taste if you drink it hot. Well, when it comes to weight loss the Tetley Green Tea is packed with great antioxidants that help to work for your body weight and reduce it slowly.

  • Typhoo Green Tea:

This brand might not be very familiar to most of our readers but you can trust us for the quality that this green tea offers. The Typhoo Green Tea is a pure organic green tea that has many health benefits, the best part of this green tea is that there are no extra chemicals added to it so that it doesn’t give ant odd taste and doesn’t have any harmful side effects as well.

The above mentioned were the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss India you can buy and start drinking from now. Hope this article has given you enough information related to this.

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