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What led to the failure of windows phones? Here are few points

There is a massive high competition in the market for the latest smartphones. We all know how Windows phones came into the industry, and we didn’t believe it was the future of cell phones. After various attempts and putting in so much of investment, Windows Phone struggled to take off.

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Let’s have a look on few significant aspects that led to the failure of windows phones.

Late and Slow – One of the key reasons Windows Phone didn’t last long in the market was that it was slow and late to upgrade Windows Phone relative to Android and iPhone. When the first windows phone was released, we all thought it was the future, but when the iPhone came up with the first touch-screen smart phones and then Microsoft was sidelined.

It Focused on the low end – Another important explanation why Nokia and Microsoft struggled on Windows Phone was that Nokia didn’t place any of their thinking on a wider scale. Mostly, they had their target on flagships and put all their efforts in the same direction. They had a lot more to spend on Windows phone notifications that didn’t have to matter.

No Payments – Another important point of windows phone loss is that they did not rely on mobile wallet pay. In both androids and iPhone, there’s an online payment feature where you can transfer and pay on one tap plus partnering with a lot of banks, but Microsoft doesn’t have to invest in that aspect.

Nokia was too dominant – Another explanation why Windows Phone didn’t last long in the market is because Nokia was very dominant and for too long. At the initial point, brands like LG and HTC, where with Microsoft, but 90 percent of sales were made by Nokia and thus by other brands, went to OS and focused on it.

Ignored from Google – One of the keys and most important reasons for Windows Phone failure as it skipped a range of critical upgrades and features that were presumably present on Android and iPhone. With Windows phone upgrades, features like chrome and other google software were absent.

This are some of the key reasons why windows phones didn’t last long in the market despite a lot of work and massive investment, but there was also something that was overlooked and is now down on the market. Keep coming to hear more of the same thing.

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