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What are the homeopathy remedies for anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion seen as an uncomfortable state of inner distress, followed by anxious behavior, such as back and forth pacing, somatic complaints, and cogitation. In addition, as well as being found mainly in syphilitic patients, anxiety is the mental illness arising from the suppression of skin diseases. It is the personally distasteful feeling of fear over repetitive occurrences, such as the possibility of death. Homeopathic treatment for fear and anxiety is both curative and preventive.

Best Homeopathy Anxiety Treatments

Arsenicum Album 
Arsenicum Album is one of the best treatment which can deal with both acute and chronic problems of anxiety. This remedy can be perfect for people who are concerned about privacy and health. If the cause of your anxiety is issues like safety, money and break-ins, this homeopathic treatment is perfect for you.sIt also helps to calm uneasiness.

Kali Phosphoricum 
Kali Phosphoricum is potassium phosphate which helps to calm people when anxiety attacks overwhelm them. This is ideal for people with easy pain, over-sensitivity, anxiety, irritability and despondence. It can be helpful in the treatment of side effects of anxiety. This bio-chemical salt can also be used to treat physical illnesses such as exhaustion, dullness, and loss of strength arising from anxiety.

Argentum Nitricum 
Argentum Nitricum can be helpful in the treatment of  anxiety. It is also known as Silver Nitrate.  Some of the important anxiety symptoms are craving for something sweet when you’re nervous and feeling sick. These are cyclical symptoms that will exacerbate the condition if it is not dealt with. Argentum Nitricum, however, helps to relax the sugar’s digestive effects and to cool the body to keep anxiety rates in control.

Aconite Napellus 
Aconite Napellus is  made from a plant. It has a variety of applications including mainly managing anxiety. It is one of the best homeopathic treatments to cure, extreme episodes of anxiety and PTSD . It can help in coping with anxiety after impacts such as memory loss, restlessness, tiredness.

Calcarea Carbonica 
This remedy is made from the middle layer of seashells.  It has soothing properties and helps in the treatment of anxiety .a Calcarea Carbonica is well adapted to people who fear change.  Those people who are afraid of animals and the dark and can be used for this treatment.

These are some of the treatments of homeopathic treatment.


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