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What are the alternative medicine for adhd?

Many claims that Adhd can be treated and there are various methods of treatments that will improve the ADHD of your child. Some even claim that the lesser-known medicine such as alternative treatments is healthier or more effective than medicines.

Meanwhile, it hasn’t been enough evidence about the potency of alternative treatments is that they did not have the same kind of medical analysis or research as the drugs used by physicians to treat ADHD, such as methylphenidate. There have been arguments that alternative therapy manufacturers make may be the best kind of treatment. But there is evidence of the safety of such treatments. Therefore, studies published in medical journals must follow certain requirements before they are used by the doctors to make decisions.

Common Alternative therapies

Alternative therapies have some clinical support, and much of it shows that parents should be vigilant and well educated before they pursue these treatments. If you want to go for alternative medicine, you need to consult a doctor as there might not be safe before trying any alternative ADHD treatment.

  • Diet: Dietary improvements may benefit a small number of children with signs of allergies . There is no evidence, however, that a diet without sugar or additives can help with the ADHD symptoms.So you have to be clear about it.

  • Vitamin supplements: A supplement can help if a child lacks a certain vitamin or mineral (such as iron, magnesium, or zinc).However, you don’t see a doctor there might be a cause of medication conditions.

  • Fatty acids: Essential fatty acids such as fish oil and primrose oil, as well as nootropics (also known as ‘smart drugs’) such as deanol, have not been shown to help children with ADHD.

  • Homeopathy:Homeopathy is the mixture of extracts from plants, animals, or minerals. No studies have shown how effective homeopathy is in treating ADHD. This can also be considered ‘experimental.
  • Hypnotherapy: It is still in development stages, but hypnotherapy might be helpful for curing certain  symptoms of ADHD

  • Vision therapy, oculovestibular treatment, sound training: These are still in development and so there is no evidence if they can be useful for treatment.


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