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Vegetarian pregnancy diet

Pregnancy is a critical phase in which your body goes through many changes on emotional, mental and physical levels.you will be able to cope up only if you have a healthy body and that will with a right diet. In case if you are vegetarian then you need to put a lot of other vegetarian options on your plate to fulfill the essential requirements. Your baby will be healthy when you will take a proper diet as this will help the baby to grow. In this article we will discuss the veg pregnancy diet.

During pregnancy it is said that you have to eat for two. But this is not the case from the first month only. During the first trimester you do not have to eat more. In Fact you should eat nutritious food which fulfills the requirement. After 3 months, the baby development starts and then you need to take more calories per day to fulfill baby’s requirement as well. Apart from that, you should include a variety of foods to get different types of nutrients as the same type of food will not serve the purpose. There are different types of nutrients which you get through different types of foods like Vitamin C from citrus fruits, Vitamin A from carrots, proteins from pulses and sprouts, etc. So it is important to have a variety of foods in a day.

In a veg pregnancy diet, the amount of carbohydrate and fibre should be more for energy and healthy gut. Whole grains like whole grains, rice, pasta, bread, etc should be included in your diet to meet the energy requirements and it helps in keeping the gut clean and healthy. Healthy gut leads to a healthy body.

It is recommended to have at least four servings of calcium per day to meet the calcium requirement in the body. The main sources are dairy products, sea foods, green leafy veggies, etc. Along with that, for the proper absorption of the calcium, Vitamin D is essential. Therefore, you should spend at least 10 to 15 minutes in sunlight, especially in the morning. The sunlight exposure should be directly on your skin like face, arms, legs, etc. 

The intake of Vitamin B12, iron and folic acid should be increased during pregnancy. Iron helps in maintaining the hemoglobin in the body which helps in transporting the oxygen. Folic acid is helpful in producing new cells and maintaining the health of the existing cells. Vitamin B12 is crucial during pregnancy as it helps in the proper development of the nervous system of the baby.

So every nutrient is essential and therefore the veg pregnancy diet should be full of every essential nutrient.


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