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Scope in environmental science

Environment science is the study of change in climate, water, soil and energy conservation to save the environment for the pollution. This is an important subject to be taught in school or colleges as this is a high time to save the environment and this will be possible if people will be aware about the elements of the environment, their preservation and conservation. Scope in environmental science is very vast. Basically this field is categorized into three goals: 

  1. To learn about the natural world and how it works.
  2. To know about the human interaction with environment
  3. To know how humans affect the environment.

There is an importance to study environmental science as the world is changing very fast. Many changes can be good, but some are very harmful and if this continues the same, then consequences can be very detrimental. Environment science enables you to learn about nature, how it works, factors which are affecting the environment and how can we control or stop them, what are the alternatives, etc. 

Due to increase in population, the use of natural resources has increased at a major level. These natural resources are divided into two parts: Renewable and Non- renewable. Renewable resources can be renewed after use like sunlight, air, etc. but non renewable resources cannot be renewed like minerals, crude oils, etc. They are present in limited amounts and are running out at a faster rate. So we need to understand that there should be some alternative to use so that we can save the non renewable resources of the earth. Scope in environmental science helps in knowing about the alternatives, efficient use of natural resources, to find sustainable ways of living and to produce techniques to save the earth. 

After completing the graduation or post graduation, you can work with a government organization which focuses on the environment, can join the private sector, can join any NGO who works to save the environment or you can start your own business. There are many career opportunities in the field of environmental sciences like you can be an environmental scientist, consultant, lecturer, environmental photographer, wildlife filmmaker, environment journalists, etc.

After completing 12th there is a huge scope in environmental sciences. You should complete 12th with physics, chemistry and biology, then you can opt for a B.Sc degree in environmental sciences and further you can do M.Sc in the subject. So choose wisely and plan wisely for your future.


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