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Omega 3 fatty acids benefits

When it comes to fat, many people have fear of it as it causes weight gain and other health issues. But not all fats are bad. There are different types of fats like saturated and unsaturated fats. The fats which are found in meat, eggs, oily and fried foods, etc are known as saturated or trans fats which are not good for health and cause many chronic issues. While fats which are present in seeds, fish, nuts, etc are known as monounsaturated fats which are beneficial for our health and it is needed by our body on a regular basis. There are 3 types of Omega 3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and out of these three ALA is found mainly in seeds and other two are found in fishes which our body need most. So let us check out the Omega 3 benefits.

  1. Eases menstrual pain:

Dysmenorrhea is the condition which every woman faces during the menstrual cycle every month. In this condition heavy abdominal pain and cramps occur during periods. This happens because of the prostaglandins which triggers the uterus to contact so that the lining can be shed with blood flow. In many studies it has been seen that Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful in controlling the cramps and soothes the pain. It also helps in uplifting the mood during periods.

  1. Controls rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is the painful condition which can occur both in men and women. In this condition, heavy joint pain occurs due to which a person is not able to even walk. Many studies have been conducted with fish oil and it has been seen that fish oil is really effective in reducing the pain and stiffness in the joints of the patients. However, you should not use it without a doctor’s prescription to avoid any harm.

  1. Prevents osteoporosis:

Omega 3 benefits include the prevention of osteoporosis which is a medical condition in which the bone density decreases with time and they become brittle which is a serious condition and it has been seen that women are at greater risk of osteoporosis than men. This is due to the dropping level of oestrogen hormone in females during menopause. Omega 3 helps in improving the bone density and reduces the chances of osteoporosis.

  1. Keeps you happy:

Omega 3 is very helpful in prevention of depression as it is responsible to keep you happy and cheerful. In many studies it has been found that omega 3 fatty acids reduces the depression symptoms, however, not the anxiety symptoms. So it keeps your mood cheerful. 

  1. Reduces the cancer risk:

Many studies have been done and it has found that fish is effective in preventing breast cancer and rectal cancer. This is because the increased dosage of the omega 3 and omega 6 ratio in the body. So it is advisable to include fish in your daily diet to keep your body healthy.

This is all about the omega 3 benefits.


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