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In Depth Review of Host Metro

HostMetro was founded in the year 2012 and has a portfolio for offering shared hosting. It is the only web hosting company with a guaranteed price lock; so, as a customer, you are relaxed that your price will not hike up to 200% on future renewals.

They also brag to serve with 99.9% uptime with a reasonable price tag and that too with competitive offerings. But are all these announcements too good to be true? Now let us see a quick review round-up with gathered ifs and buts from the customers of HostMetro from across the globe.

Let us understand what Price Lock Guarantee offered by the company really is. Most of the companies follow some common modus operandi to sign you up. First of all, during your first signup, they offer you an unbelievably low price simply to allure and covert you. Once your plan gets expired, it’s time to call and renew your plan and get a shock of a price, which is simply the double that you paid while signing up. But here, HostMetro does a noble work to retain the existing customers by sticking to their commitment and offering the renewal with the same charges. It’s one of the best winning strategies followed by the company and moreover, when a customer sees a price advantage they are comfortable to move on with HostMetro.

Website Transfer Is Free

HostMetro is really generous; they transfer your website on to their servers for free, but the limitation is that the size should not exceed 3GB. If not, you have to look for some other options and ensure that you make a site transfer request within 30 days of your sign up.

Limited Backup

Most of the hosting service providers offer the same – whether paid or free. HostMetro does it, but they do it weekly, not daily and the latest backup will overwrite any existing file in their database. Moreover, it is limited up to 1GB; they won’t do it if your data is more than 1 GB. So very apparently, these services are not liked by numerous customers and as a result they hardly fall back.

The fact is that in these industries nobody is that loyal or efficient to justify each and every parameter set by the users, but most of them are aggressively evolving like HostMetro and it’s hoped that in the coming years we will see an even better HostMetro up and running successfully in the market.


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