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Importance of education in our life

Education is one of the important parts of human life which starts with early childhood education and goes upto higher education. Early childhood or primary education is essential to know about the basics of the education like to to read, to speak, to understand, to react, to think, to act, etc. Higher education helps in personal, economic and social development which contributes to the nation as well. Education makes one capable of thinking positively, smart and can make a good decision about the future. Let us explore more about the education importance in our life.

An educated person knows how to survive in the society. He or she is capable of earning money and to take care of him or her along with the family. You have an analytical mind, problem solving ability, innovative ideas, etc to succeed in life. You learn new techniques to walk along with everyone and compete with others on the basis of your capabilities. 

From society point of view as you live in a society, you can differentiate between right and wrong. By the use of your education, you can educate other people who are illiterate, believe in superstitions and involved in bad practices. It is your duty as an educated citizen to educate them about the consequences and bring them on the right track. You can teach poor children whose family cannot afford their education, you can do something for them and bring a big change in the society. All these things show the education importance in our life.

Along with that, education makes you sensitive towards nature. Due to urbanization and industrialization, the environment is getting affected at a bigger scale. Deforestation is increasing. You can join the NGO and make people aware about the natural resources depletion. Motivate them to use solar panels to decrease the use of coal, to plant more trees and to save the environment. Educated people understand about the importance of water and natural resources. They do not waste water unnecessarily.

If we talk about agriculture, now technology has become so advanced and if you are educated, you must be knowing about the various methods and techniques to get rid of pests, drop in the use of pesticides and insecticides, more yield and productivity. You can educate people about organic farming in which no pesticide, insecticide or chemical is used. So all these points show the education importance in our life. Everyone should contribute to increase the literacy rate in the country.


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