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How can technology and gadgets negatively impact a student’s life?

Technology is advancing day by day and there is no stop to it. With the advancement in technology, it is also resulting in various effects on humans specially students physically as well as mentally. Too much of obsession for technology can even lead to emotional outbursts. There are parents who always check their kids’ screen time. They try to keep an eye on how much time their kid spends in front of any digital screen like video games, smartphones, television, computers and other digital devices.

Technology and the gadgets have become an integral part of our daily life. It has almost become impossible to lead a life without using any gadget. Every day a new technology or a new gadget is introduced and the first one to know about it are the students and kids. Today students need internet to research about their subjects, projects and also school related works. Also, education has become more technological now with the online education.

Internet can be the most reliable as well as the useful source if the student loves reading and doing his research on various topics and issues. But do you think a student should spend his entire day in front of the laptop or the computer or maybe a smartphone? Absolutely no! he must indulge in other activities like eating, playing, sleeping and communication with family. All the activities must go in balance and in this way a student’s educational life won’t be affected.

When a student tends to spend more time with the gadgets or other forms of technology, he or she will reduce all form of physical activities. This can harm their physical health and also brain functioning. Getting hooked on to gadgets is bad and it can have adverse effects on a student’s mental as well as physical health.

There are both advantages and disadvantages linked to the usage of technology by kids. Parents should have control of what their children are involved into and should take immediate charge if something unusual is happening around them. A student must always understand the limits of using a technology in order to stay focused on building his or her career.

Increased usage of technology can even lead to aggression in the student’s nature. He or she might turn out to be more aggressive if stopped from using technology once they are addicted to it. So it is necessary to control the child from excess usage of technology in order to avoid all the possible chances of technology addiction.

When a student gets more focused on using technology and enjoying various types of gadgets, his attention level decreases gradually. The overuse of gadgets can be dangerous and this can harm the concentration level of the student. Technology can help students in some ways but is also capable of destroying his or her career as well.


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