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HostWinds: A Credible Web Hosting Provider in the Industry

HostWinds is one of the best webhosting companies for offering SMB focused hosting, which is completely compatible with the enterprise level needs. It is one of the versatile service providers, which provides services like dedicated hosting, shared hosting and virtual private servers that can be offered to not only smaller agencies but also large scale organizations. Hostwinds’ highly customizable VPS makes it one of the popular web hosting companies and the favourite of millions of webmasters.

Shared Webhosting Packages

How does Shared Web Hosting Work on a Corporate Website ...

Hostwinds is not only user friendly, but also wallet friendly. They not only take care of the usability, but also come with 3 types that meet various needs. The basic plan has the capacity to host a single domain, a free dedicated IP address, unlimited storage etc. Advanced plan is the next level of the basic version, which gives the opportunity to offer up to 6 domains. The Ultimate class has the capability to host unlimited domains. In case you are running on tight budget, it is fine, but actually there is no reason why one should not opt for the Ultimate package where you can really get an unbelievable shared web hosting that is amazingly expandable. The company also offers tremendous discounts in case you order in bulk and for longer period.

Hostwinds is one of the companies that is renowned for providing flexible deals and offers and is popular for this in the webhosting market. The plans are also quite lucrative and generally do not put cap on storages or monthly data transfer. 

The best part is that this hosting service has become one of the most famous in the industrial segment and captured numerous mid-scale and large scale industries as a result in a very short span of time. The Hatchling plan offers bandwidth databases, email addresses, third party applications and unlimited disk space. It also supports content management systems and e-commerce platforms in a robust manner.

Hostwind’s Baby plan takes a higher step by adding unlimited domains. Its top tier plans comprise of highly specialized options like a toll-free phone number and offers a private SSL.

The best thing in the competitive market is the amount of uptime that one can provide. It is one of the parameters that determine one’s credibility in the market. As far as credibility is concerned, Hostwind has a decent credibility as it has provided a sound uptime to all its users irrespective of the level at which it is implemented whether it is one low scale blog or on a heavy duty server supporting a big network. It assures 99.9% of uptime and it is another prominent reason why Hostwind has reached there where it is today.


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