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Foods rich in Vitamin D for vegetarians!

Vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin plays an important role in the human body. There are certain important foods that we need to make part of our daily diet in order to maintain the amount of Vitamin D in our body. This vitamin is essential for various body functions and helps in making our bones strong and healthy. We develop a stronger immune system with the help of Vitamin D. It helps in absorbing calcium into our bones and keeps our body stronger.

Vitamin D is the richest vitamin of all. It is present in all fruits, vegetables and many foods which must be consumed on daily basis in order to increase the value of vitamin D in our body. Involving fruits and vegetables in your diet will always maintain the health and immunity of the person. It gradually decreases the risk of heart disease, inflammation and also diabetes.

Without adequate immunity, it is impossible for the body to fight diseases. In order to ensure a healthy body, start consuming foods which will help in building a good immune system so as to protect yourself from harmful and contagious diseases.  There are two supplement of Vitamin D, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. These types of vitamin D supplements are extensively used. Always consult your physician before making use of these supplements.


Mushrooms are good source of Vitamin D. some people find it gross but still it is a healthy food for the human body. It grows in sunlight and hence contains a lot of Vitamin D. it is also rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B5. When you buy mushrooms, always prefer for the ones which are dried in sunlight. You can also expose the mushrooms to enough sunlight once you buy them from outside. This will help in boosting the levels of vitamin D in your mushroom.


Eggs are the normal part of everyone’s diet especially for breakfast. This contains abundant amount of vitamin D and should be consumed on daily basis. The pasture raised hens spend a lot of time outdoors and hence their eggs contain high amount of Vitamin D. They are also rich in proteins and makes our body healthy and fit.


A glass of milk daily keeps your body fit and healthy. There is nothing healthier than whole milk. It is filled with Vitamin D which must be consumed daily as a whole glass of milk will provide 20% of the daily vitamin D requirement.


Dairy products are everyone’s favourite. Most of us try to avoid eating them daily if we are too conscious about gaining weight by eating cheese daily. You can start having Ricotta cheese which is five times more powerful than other types of cheese as it consists of more amount of Vitamin D.


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