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Breathing Exercise For Yoga

Breathing Exercise For Yoga is such an involuntary act that you might not be aware of how complicated and effective techniques for calming the breathing are. Learning how to take a deep breath is one of the most essential lessons you know when you continue yoga.

Breathing at a simple level helps you to take in oxygen through the bloodstream, remove contaminants and bacteria that hinder the proper working of the system.
Breathing well from a yogic viewpoint helps you to build a deeper sense of balance, stability and power of the mind. The more you breathe the more space and strength you build in your body, and the more you get in contact with your consciousness.

  • Yoga theory tells you that your breath is inherently connected to your life-energy, life-force or yoga ‘prana’ It is your life force that brings you strength, the desire to do what you want, sleep, socialize, work and do anything you need to do in your daily life.
  • Learning how to breathe well leads to engaging, calming and rebalancing the battery. You may use deep breathing techniques to energize your body, to relax your mind or to get your heart into rhythm. Your air is the connection between the body and the mind. If you are like most of the world, odds are that while you sleep you do not make use of the complete respiratory apparatus.
  • The parasympathetic nervous system stimulates as you breathe slowly and completely. It helps the rest and digest solution to flow into the body-as compared to the reaction to battle and flight tension that usually controls the life. Prana will then move freely across the body in delicate channels of energy which are called “nadis” in yogic terminology. There are approximately 72,000 nadis in your body, picture a big railway network inside your body if this word is new to you. The nadis can be used as the lines / tracks of ships. So you need to relax carefully to insure your air passes across all of the rail tracks.

When to perform breathing exercises:

In order to relax correctly, you have to lay on your back with your lower back supporting and arms lying securely on your chest and your legs straight on the floor (unless you have a sore back or pressure in your lower back, otherwise bend your knees to keep your feet flat on the floor) and concentrate on your heart. Inhale from the ears, gradually and completely in and out. Alternatively, sit on a chair, making sure your back is straight and away from the back of the chair, put your feet down on the floor and place your hands on your chest, turn in your breath and continue breathing in and out slowly through your nose.

You should also do standing intense relaxation exercises. To do so, put yourself in the mountain position (feet faced forward, tail bone tucked beneath, neck upright, head high up as though you were suspended from your crown from the ceiling). Place your hands on your abdomen and focus on breathing slowly in and out of your nose, becoming conscious of your hands shifting. As you can see Breathing Exercise For Yoga through diligence and practice, by deep breathing techniques, you can learn how to cool, relax and energize your mind, body and spirit.


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