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Best free educational apps for kids

Due to the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, schools are closed and children are at home for an indefinite period of time. In this situation it is obvious that parents must be worried about the kids’ education and schooling. Now technology is very helpful in terms of education as well. There are multiple educational apps which parents can use to teach their kids at home. They can teach their kids, help them learn and spend some good time with them. This is the best productive use of lockdown being at home. Let us check out some best free educational apps.

  1. Khan academy:

This app contains a lot of lessons in many different languages. For adults, there are lessons related, ancient history, civilization, etc and for kids there are fun educational games, activities and many things to learn. This app has a tracker of your performance to make the improvements. Also, this app contains book, drawing and coloring options and videos for the maths problems. This is one of the best apps to teach your kids at home.

  1. Brain Pop:

This app is meant for both adults and kids which covers a lot of topics and one of the best free educational apps. There is a junior version of this app which is specifically for kids. It contains so many videos for science related topics like plant cycle, hibernation, potential energy, etc for better understanding of the topics. There are many activities you can find in the app to check the performance. This app has a user friendly interface and everything is well organized in the app.

  1. Moose math:

This app is mainly meant for math learning. In this app, kids have to help burly moose and friends to do multiple tasks in the town. Kids need to do counting for the juices or to find the animals which are hidden in the app. There are a lot of shape games and many activities in which kids have to do addition and subtraction. This game has many levels which need to be crossed by the kids and none can be skipped in order to reach upto final level.

  1. NSF science zone:

This app is created by the National science foundation and has a lot of interesting images and impressive videos for the kids. There are many categories in the app related to different topics which you need to search and select as per the choice.

These are some best free educational apps for your kids to make them learn different things being at home.


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