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Are statins safe?

Statins are cholesterol reducing drugs. They function by blocking  the cholesterol making  substance found in human body.

Cholesterol reduction isn’t the only benefit associated with statins. Such drugs were also related to a decreased risk of heart failure and stroke. These medicines can ease the pressure on the blood vessels and reduce the risk of some clots.

Should you be on a statin?

Depending  on your cholesterol levels one needs to have statin,qw and other risk factors for (cardiovascular) heart and blood vessel disease. According to the, doctors  most people should strive to keep their cholesterol levels below 200 mg.
Small density cholesterol lipoprotein (LDL) This “poor” cholesterol should be kept below 100 mg.If you have medical history of  heart disease you are  at the risk of  heart attack or stroke.

While talking about statin therapy, the most important thing the doctor should bear in mind is the long-term risk of a heart attack or stroke. eWhen your risk is If your LDL is over 190 mg / dL (4.92 mmol / L),  you are at very low riskj of cholestrol and you probably won’t need a statin.

However, if you have had a heart attack in the past and you don’t have high cholesterol, statin might be of benefit.

Do statins cause muscle pain and weakness?

It is statin’s common side effect is muscle ache, but another way to look at it is that nine out of ten patients do not notice it at all.

When patients suffer from muscle pain: The condition is often treated by changing the dosage of the drug or by switching to another statin.
The symptoms go away when the drug is turned off or stopped, and there is no muscle damage there. However, only  0.1 % of patients experiences real muscle injury. It is almost always reversible in the unlikely case that the muscle damage occurs.

One can experience neurotoxic effects resulting from the use of statin are very rare. They are normally not serious when symptoms have been identified and generally resolve when the statin dose is changed or the drug is turned off.  Some patients reported feeling distracted or “fuzzy,” but those experiences are uncommon. However,   long-term cognitive problems and memory loss due to statin use have not been confirmed. In the contrary, latest reports reportedly point to possible dementia reduction due to the use of statin.


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